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What Not To Wear … No, Really ….

| June 1, 2012 | 9 Comments

What Not to Wear If you could have Stacy London in your closet guiding you on what not to wear, would you do it?

Well now you practically can! We are excited to share that Portland has a new savvy, stylish team of Stacy London’s hand-picked and personally trained stylists to help you and your closet: Style for Hire.

Portland Family will begin an ongoing partnership with Style for Hire which will include sharing with you the transformation of two local moms, Portland Family’s publisher Janna Lopez, and mommy blogger fashionista-about-town, Krista Swan.

These thoughtful stylists do more than just go through your closet. Style for Hire is being launched nationally based on the belief that everyone, not just the rich or famous, should be able to get personal help with style. According to Stacy, “Style for Hire is the natural outgrowth of the work I do on TLC’s hit show ‘What Not to Wear.’ My goal is as it’s always been and that’s to help people with unique bodies, tastes, and budgets develop their own sense of style; learn how to dress their body-type; and optimize the investment they make in their wardrobe.”

She adds, “I have seen the massive and unexpected impact of this process on people’s lives. Promotions have been won, first dates turned into second and third dates, marriages revitalized, confidence gained. The transformations that can arise from a few simple wardrobe changes are lasting and significant. Ultimately, the change we promote is not hemlines or colors, but our clients’ improved sense of Self.”

To make stylists accessible to everyone, Stacy selects, trains and certifies stylists around the country that meet her high standards of quality, honesty and compassion. Here in Portland, Style for Hire is just getting underway and Portland Family is thrilled to be a proud partner of this local launch. Because of the access to everyday women, with everyday lives, we feel very good about the intentions and possibilities of Style for Hire. The stylists are not about making you into something you are not. They are about helping you learn about the tools, colors and fits that are most flattering to you.

Over the course of the coming months Style for Hire and Portland Family will be presenting personal videos, blog updates and editorial content related to the process of transformation. We are calling our efforts, “Empowering Self & Style.” We will be showcasing the many aspects that go into the process of being re-stylized.

We invite you along our journey and encourage you to visit to learn more. Stay tuned …

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  1. I’m a 44 year plus-size women (16)- like in the new “Big in Brooklyn Show” Stacy is producing – and I have spent my adult life believing & sharing with other women that we all deserve to look & feel fabulous everyday. I live this belief and I do it on a teacher budget!
    Between being a mom, wife, sister and teacher (I love my 6th graders!) I had a a dream. I started a YouTube ootd for “40+ curvy women inspiring them to feel great about themselves on a real-life teacher budget.”
    It’s tagged as “Fab40PlusMom.” Crazily, I do this video daily at 6am before running off to work & mom-life. I quotes Stacy & Clinton all the time. I’m doing OK with 8000+ views. Best part? Viewers leave happy & feel-good comments telling me I inspire them to be fabulous & fierce!

    Just thought you’d like to see how some women REALLY do live the WNTW way!

    • janna says:

      thank you for sharing this….It’s SO true. We are empowered for WHO we are – the gifts we have to give, and the amazing fabulousness of all that IS! :-) have an awesome week!

  2. Krista Swan says:

    What is wonderful about Style for Hire is how educational they make their focus. They want to make sure people understand WHY something looks good or doesn’t. I’m looking forward to starting this process!

  3. janna says:

    you will be so surprised how helpful, kind and talented these women are…they care about where you are physically, emotionally, mentally and become your greatest allies!

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