Time to walk the talk

| January 4, 2010 | 6 Comments

By Karen Donaldson Kuzmack

January 2010 brings a new year and also with it a new decade. During this time of resolutions to change habits and behaviors, I’ve decided to look at what I’d like to incorporate into my life this year.

I was raised a Catholic. The Catholic Church played a strong role in my growing up. Along with the Church and guidance of my parents I received a strong sense of self, strong values and was taught the importance of service towards others. I actively practiced Catholicism until I reached my late 20’s when for a host of reasons I left the Church. I’ve chosen not to embrace any type of organized religion and am at peace with my decision.

As the mother of two children aged 9.5 and 5 it’s now my turn to instill these same values onto my children. The two key values I received were “Do onto others as you’d have done onto you” and “Love thy neighbor as thy self” which all intertwined with the importance of service towards others. I’ve stayed involved with volunteering and actively helping out in a variety of ways in my community.

I believe I’m doing a good job in raising my children with strong values. They are now of age to where we can bring in the service to others. Fortunately we are healthy and blessed with a moderately comfortable life that is full and busy. I talk with them about how others are not as lucky, but it’s a hard concept for children to understand.

For our family, 2010 will be the year we start our family community service. Sunday “church” time for us will be Sunday “community service” time. We’ve spent the last four days looking at the Hands On Greater Portland website talking about where we’d like to spend our time and energy. The kids are excited to get started and we’ve had fun exploring all the possibilities available to us.

I think it’s going to be a good year!

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  1. Excellent idea Karen! It would be fun to get a few families together with our kids to do things like this maybe once a month or so – a little community of community helpers.

    Happy Hands On New Year!

  2. Andy Nelson says:

    Karen – thanks for stepping up. Let me know if I can help you find an opportunity of interest!

  3. Gina says:

    Mary – I really enjoyed this post. We have much in common. This sounds much like the start of our family blog Change Becomes Change which started as a Lenten project to do something nice and helpful for others for the entire season. I’m looking forward to hear how you and your children get involved in service.

    It IS going to be a good year!

  4. Teresa Sklenicka says:

    Great article, Karen! I’m also trying to instill similar values in my children outside of the church. We’ve found several service projects to participate in, but nothing regular. A monthly community service group sounds like a great idea.

  5. Mary Rarick says:

    Karen actually posted this entry, Gina. I’d love to hear more about your family blog. Could you send me an email? I’m at editor@PortlandFamily.com.

  6. Lenanne Miller says:

    Way to go, Karen! I believe SO strongly in instilling and nurturing a heart of service in our children. You’ve inspired me to do the same! Thank you for sharing your heart for the Lord’s ‘Little Ones”.

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