Our Family



Janna Lopez – Managing Editor, Community Outreach, Director
Mother of Alayna and Evan. And oh yes, the former Publisher.
I had the honor of publishing Portland Family for eight years until July, 2014, when it became under the stewardship of Shari Jacobson, founder of Wellx. Now, I serve as the Managing Editor and Director of Community Outreach. I’ve had the honor of meeting amazing people, connecting with the community, and doing what I love. I’m fascinated by the importance of positive media and for making real differences in where we live. The goal is for you to feel there’s a place in IMG_4912the media world that provides quality content of both substance and relevance.The term “family” holds infinite meaning and everyone’s experience of “family” is what makes life rich and fulfilling. Each page of Portland Family’s issues is dedicated to our shared pursuit of exploring family’s many facets. I hope you come to trust Wellx’s Portland Family as more than a resource, but as a source for connection and inspiration. Your ideas and opinions are the foundation for why Portland Family thrives. Cheers to your good health, personal fulfillment, and meaningful connections with all those you consider family. Thanks for joining us.


Helen Payne – Distribution & Community Contact
Hello, my name is Helen and I am the proud mom of two beautiful children – JP who is autistic and Emily. I have been a part of the Portland Family Team as a driver since November 2006 and then took over as Distribution Manager in August of 2007. I have been reading Portland Family Magazine since my son was very small (approx 11 years) and have loved it! It’s been great watching the magazine change over the years and grow into what it is today. What first intrigued me about becoming a driver for Portland Family was all of the cool places that I’d get to visit that I haven’t gone to before and let’s face it–the money – smile. Now that I’ve transitioned into the role of Distribution Manager it has been an awesome experience. I have some of the best drivers on my team that are always there to do what it takes to get the magazine out to the community and bring on new locations to help the magazine reach new readers! Without our great drivers we wouldn’t be able to succeed as a magazine and for that I’m grateful – smile! Happy Reading!!! Hugs, Helen



Tay Juncker – Art Director
A perfect stolen afternoon for Tay Juncker would consist of writing on the couch with a malamute warming her feet, sigur rós playing in the background, and a glass of pinot gris in her free hand.Tay feels the purpose of design should be to make the world more appealing. One of her idols is an artist named Hundertwasser who through his artistic and architectural vision, brought color, beauty and hope into the greyness of industrial cities. Tay is excited to bring her creativity to Portland Family Magazine. She lives in north Portland.





Julie Talbot – Copy EditorJulie has more than 25 years of experience writing and editing everything from books, advertising, website content and periodicals to college catalogs, retail packaging and training manuals. Even Angus bull pedigree lines (yes, a woman once paid her to come up with themes and names for sire lines). As copyeditor for Portland Family Magazine and the mother of a grown son, Julie enjoys discovering new things about Portland and new angles on parenting. She never says ‘never,’ and always says ‘always’ if it involves chocolate.