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Shari JacobsonShari Jacobson—Publisher

As a mother who raised her three children in Portland, Shari knows what Portland families need and want. When she took over as publisher of Portland Family Magazine, she brought her lifetime of experience and love of Portland with her. Shari also has a strong commitment to wellness. As co-founder of Rejuvenation Day Spa and Wellx and owner of Driven coworking space, she uses her professional know-how to help others reach their potential. Shari dreams of creating print and on-line resources for Portland families to have information they need to live healthy, active and inspired lives.

Melissa Kniazeva—Managing Editor
Mel has worked in writing and marketing for many years, and she is thrilled to bring her experience to Portland Family Magazine. Additionally, she has been a volunteer translator for the microlending charity Kiva for more than seven years. Consider supporting them as well. It’s magical to see a tiny bit of money do huge things all over the earth.
Mel has lived in many parts of the world before choosing Portland as the place she wants to raise her children.  Her two amazing children attend the Russian Immersion program in Portland Public Schools and both thrive here. Portland is their home, and she is inspired to do all she can to share all of the cultural and natural wonders this part of the world has to offer.

Kat BarrettKat Barrett—Client Representative
Kat has always had a passion for education and family resource sharing. Kat obtained her degree in education from the University of New Mexico with a focus on Child Development and Family Studies. She spent a number of years working with homeless youth and mental health and used her love of learning to pursue additional studies in personal training, insurance and real estate. Kat is also the Founder and Executive Director of The Horse Sense Riding School, horse rescue dedicated to providing affordable community horsemanship opportunities.

Jennifer Pollack

Jennifer Pollack—Client Representative

Emily Fishback

Emily Fishback—Client Representative
Emily Fishback is a wife, mother, small business owner, and type B personality. After growing up in the Midwest, Emily moved to Portland in her early twenties. She fell in love with the city and believes it would take nothing short of a miracle to get her to leave. Emily enjoys many things Portland has to offer. You can find her at the Portland Farmers Market on Saturdays, jogging on the waterfront downtown most any day, and grabbing coffee from local businesses numerous times a day. Emily is most inspired by her love of family, authenticity, and other people who wear their heart on their sleeve.

Krista_200Krista Miller—Events Director
Krista Miller is a performing artist, producer, choreographer, director, writer, and six time grant recipient, touring nationally and internationally. She has worked with Michael Baryshnikov, Danny Davis, Sasha Alexander, Lucinda Childs, David Gordon, Tricia Brouk, Jason Gigliotti, A. Francis Green, and many more. Krista is a graduate of the Tom Todoroff Conservatory; is a bi-coastal pro Class V whitewater river guide; is a member of the band The Rainbow Bunch; and represents the menswear line J Hilburn. A graduate of the Ohashi Institute, practicing shiatsu for over a decade, Krista’s goal is to help people balance the energies of their body, mind, emotions, and spirit, through joyful activity and performance. Krista is thrilled to bring this same goal to bear with Portland Family Magazine, bringing the most kicking events and offerings that our great city has to offer to the front door of your attention! Let’s do what we love!

Julie TalbotJulie Talbot – Copy Editor Julie has more than 25 years of experience writing and editing everything from books, advertising, website content and periodicals to college catalogs, retail packaging and training manuals. Even Angus bull pedigree lines (yes, a woman once paid her to come up with themes and names for sire lines). As copyeditor for Portland Family Magazine and the mother of a grown son, Julie enjoys discovering new things about Portland and new angles on parenting. She never says ‘never,’ and always says ‘always’ if it involves chocolate.

Tai JunkerTay Juncker – Art Director

A perfect stolen afternoon for Tay Juncker would consist of writing on the couch with a malamute warming her feet, sigur rós playing in the background, and a glass of pinot gris in her free hand.Tay feels the purpose of design should be to make the world more appealing. One of her idols is an artist named Hundertwasser who through his artistic and architectural vision, brought color, beauty and hope into the greyness of industrial cities. Tay is excited to bring her creativity to Portland Family Magazine. She lives in north Portland.

Brad JohnsonBrad Johnson—Marketing Coordinator
Brad is a Portland native who, when not working on writing copy and keeping his eye on social media, loves to take advantage of the all great recreational opportunities that Portland has to offer. From enjoying the outdoors to sharing a quality microbrew with friends, Brad loves living the active Portland lifestyle.

James FishbackJames Fishback—Distribution and Technology
James is a Portland native who enjoys the energy of the city center where he lives with his wife and two school-aged daughters. When he’s not in class at Lewis & Clark Law School or training with the Oregon Army National Guard, James is using his decade of experience in information technology to make sure the websites for Wellx and Portland Family are as useful as they are beautiful. In his spare time, James loves to run in local races, visit farmers’ markets with his family, and travel.
Robert VlasakRobert Vlasak—Accounting 
Robert is Portland State graduate and Oregon transplant who fell in love with the city and its unique culture.   Prior to joining Portland Family, Robert opened several fine-dining restaurants up and down the coast, worked as auditor and budgeting analyst at Oregon Department of Education, and enjoyed the great opportunity to be a stay-at-home dad with his children.  His hobbies are spending time with his family, enjoying the PNW outdoors, sports (watching, playing, and coaching), reading, and fine cuisine.  Robert also spends a lot of time volunteering and is passionate about helping small businesses succeed.  Robert uses his experience to help Portland Family organize accounting and finances for simplified and transparent reporting to help make running the business easier.