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In Our Next Issue


Chinatown, Portland, 1904.    Photo file #1662

Chinatown, Portland, 1904. Photo file #1662

our May issue:



Chinese Immigration–Learn about these brave pioneers who built the west.

Spring Cleaning–It’s time to get organized!


SMomTimeelf Care for Mom–Motherhood is hard, but it’s harder if you don’t care for the carer.

Mother’s Day–One mother’s journey of heartache and hope will make you appreciate moms even more.


IMG_0811Farmer’s Markets–It’s that time of year, do you know where your Farmer’s Market is? Check out our local market directory

Food Delivery–Sometimes you just can’t go out. Delivery isn’t just pizza and Chinese anymore. Learn about your local food options.

Coffee–Learn something new from a 17-year veteran barista!

Our Favorite Portland Restaurants–Find out where Portland Family’s staff and writers love to eat





and don’t forget our regular features:

Ask Ariel–a column by a child psychologist

Date night

Publisher’s pantry–recipes, food

Gardening tips

Away for a Day–travel around the area

Design, bi-monthly alternating with Home Organization

Life Hacks, bi-monthly alternating with Personal Style


Learn more about the upcoming year here: View the Editorial Calendar